Sunday, June 14, 2009

Productive Sunday

Weeds pulled, plants planted, and oh, yes, tiny rocker primed.

There was some seriously bad/ugly finish on the little guy. Some sort of nasty varnish, I think. Shiny, drippy, missing in spots and "croc"'d--you know, looking a lot like snake skin, only not so much.

I sanded the parts down using this fabulous 3M product (package tossed, sorry) that was sort of like really coarse sandpaper on steroids.

Took that finish right off!

Then, I sprayed the whole thing with an entire can of primer.

There was a smalll change of plans in that the paint I bought to start (yellow) magically changed to orange (okay, I bought more paint).

If the weather holds, that's on the agenda for tomorrow. Painting, that is. I have two cans.

Then I'll rebuild the seat and put the whole thing back together with new hardware.

I can't wait!


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