Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Stand Corrected!

Upon careful reading of the local rag newspaper, I discovered that though it seems it has been raining daily forever, the 41 days referenced earlier this weekend are not consecutive days of rainfall, but rather, days of rainfall since the beginning of April.

So 50% of the time for 11 weeks, not 100% of the time for 6 weeks. Like it matters!

Oh, and it's clouding up.

I managed to finish the "matching" booties for the pink cabled cardigan today. The pattern is one I have used (and blogged) before.

They are quick and easy, though there is seaming.

So, another entry, Infant 2-piece Sweater-bootie, is finished and in the box.

(I save all the blocking for the end.)

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I don't know how picky fair judges are but it appears to me that you've knit two booties for the same foot. Shouldn't the straps cross the other way for the second foot?
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