Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 41

We are being held hostage by the weather. Today marks 41 straight here in eastern PA when the skies have opened and spit upon us.

Even when the sun makes its (very brief) appearance, it's still raining. Like yesterday.

We are growing webs between our toes. We are building an ark. What the heck is a cubit, anyway?

Of course, nasty weather means that no gardening is taking place. It means that a lot of Front of TV Knitting is.

Here's the latest FO--for the fair,

Pattern is was at the Interweave site. It's called Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater (well, duh!) and is knit seamless from the top down.

One small modification I made was to install a buttonhole instead of a snap as I find buttons slightly easier to fasten than snaps on newborn necklines.

Yarn is Zenith. This one got mixed reviews from me.

Using the suggested needle size (3.5 mm) I got a wonderful cloth. It's very soft and great to touch. However (isn't there always one?) it is so loosely plied that it is extremely splitty. That means that I often left one of the (very thin) "threads" (there are 6 of them) behind and didn't notice until several rows later, causing 1) fits and 2) a need to drop the stitch back to the offending row and hook it back up with a size 3 crochet hook.

Not fun.

Fortunately, the yarn is very forgiving and (at least to my eye) the repairs don't show.

Were I choosing a washable wool DK weight yarn to buy for another project, it probably wouldn't be this one.

Were I shopping the stash? Well, 11 balls (in 4 colors) remain, so I guess I'll be seeing a bit more of this down the line.

Oh, and I plan to make a pair of bootie sandals with what's left of the pink.

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Pretty! I think I have that pattern somewhere and just might need it, if I'm gonna get back on track with baby knitting chez moi. My last (ok, current) project has stalled out at the knit-the-sleeves-so-you-can-sew-them-on stage. Sigh.
I see fair projects are progressing nicely. Who's getting this beautiful pink number?
beautiful! Looks like good progress on the fair entries.
Please drop me an e-mail with the latest health update. I care.

Kathy (the frugal one)
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