Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Mammo and Daddo have a Grandparent Membership at The Lehigh Valley Zoo so this afternoon, we gave it its premiere run.

There were repeated discussions about holding hands or sitting in the stroller. Some were more successful than others.

First, we saw this snake. If you are at the Zoo, you can touch the snake. See how brave Daddo is?

Daddo did not touch the snake.

There's a whole section of Africa and Australia. Here's The Tiny Prince surveying the zebra. The zebra didn't seem to mind.

We got this close to the peacock. And we got right in the cage with the rainbow lorikeets!

Here's Mama and The Tiny Prince observing one of the two camels.

The camel didn't care.

Neither did the kangaroos, nor the oryx.

The otters and the lynx were sleeping. They don't even know we were there.

Why is it that an hour walking at the zoo is fun and 18 minutes walking in the 'hood is torture?

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Have you tried walking in the 'hood with the Tiny Prince? That might make a difference. :-)
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