Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Happy Mother's day to all who have reason to celebrate!

I tried to take my whole walk (I've built up to a whopping 18 minutes) but I was wasted from work yesterday. Second Saturday in May. Tradition dictates that we work our butts off receiving food donated by the community to the annual Letter Carriers' food drive. So worth it, but so exhausting! This body is not accustomed to physical labor!

My blogging this past week has been shameful. I couldn't bring myself to even write several short, meaningless posts and schedule their appearance. Sorry.

My knitting has been equally lacking. Nothing but the mindless variety for me. See:

The blankie progresses, but every time I measure, it seems to have gotten wider and shorter. (I'm aiming for square). I can do one repeat (7 rows) in the 45 minutes we allot each evening for The Watching Of the Television, and so, while knitting happens, it's slow.

I figure I need at least 10 more inches before I add the last 10 rows of garter stitch and call it quits. At the rate I'm going, that's 2 more weeks.

The yarn, in case you are keeping track, is Red Heart Soft Baby in the Laddie colorway.

But it's time to put this one away for a week and switch back to the living room throw. ::sigh::

In other knitting, I have accomplished only a little. A little pair of Mittnz, that is. Wool, some odd balls of gray ragg with a snowflake in some odd ball red stuff I found in a basket on the shelf.

They need thumbs and seaming. Perhaps thumbs will happen today. I'm saving all the seaming for a Grand Finish (that means, I'll seam everybody at one time) right after I seam the sweater (summer) that is whimpering over there in the corner. I'd like to wear it before it gets too hot!

Front and center, Walking Around Beanie. It's for Ship Support and is Caron Simply Soft. I'll be adding stripes or fair isle so it's suitable for summer wear by some injured soldier or a sailor on one of the ships currently deployed. The walking around part comes from my knitting while on my walking.

It's a lovely, sunny, cool and breezy day here in eastern Pennsylvania. I might garden a bit (the weeds are taking over the flower beds) and maybe warp the loom. Then too, I just got word that our hose caddy "blew up" yesterday, so maybe a stop at the garden shop to buy some bedding plants and a new caddy and then pulling weeds and warping the loom.

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I'm dying to know: what do you watch on Wednesday? Lost, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, or something else (that I don't watch)?

I love that pillow!
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