Friday, May 15, 2009

Signs of Progress

Once I thought it was wasteful, even decadant to own 2 Addis in the same size and length, but this morning, I used my second 60" size 7 to knit up half the stitches on the current center-out throw, just to, you know, "see."

It's at about 40" on each side, so scrunched up (no photo, sorry) it's hard to get any feel at all for how big it is or how it's going to look in place (assuming I ever finish it).

Spread out on two 60"ers, though, it's almost flat as you can see in the photo. Striated, sort of, but not entirely lacy, it looks good where it's going.

I chose the yarn color Decor Sand Castle) originally because I thought it would look good in our TV-watching room. Clearly, I was delusional, since that room has a blue, brown, and burgundy patterned rug (and red walls that are destined for painting, but I digress).

The Sand Castle colors, though, were a nice match with the rug in the living room.

When we first purchased this rug (before we decided on furniture to replace stuff that was at least 30 years old) and the walls were off-white, I toyed briefly with the idea of a solid throw for this room and sampled balls of various Elann yarns in shades of celery, burgundy, and beige.

Nothing seemed right.

Never mind that no one wraps up in the living room. (Never mind that we seldom even sit here.)

Maybe with the right wrap, someone will sit and read a book, wrapped in a snuggly throw.

I can only hope.


But then what will you make to go in the TV-watching room?
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