Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Public Service Announcement

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You little guys know how I hate robo-calling, so, stop it!

We've been bombarded. Today was the Primary Election. Why would I vote for someone who 1) interrupted my dinner and 2) knocked me off-line?

Yeh, I voted. 9+ hours into the polling; I was #76. That's like 8 voters an hour! Two hours later, the Other Half was #85.



our mayoral election was last tuesday, andi had almost forgotten to vote. with 45 minutes left before the polls closed, i was #118. disgusting. i always say, i can't bitch if i don't vote. i wonder how many will bitch (particularly since the mayor-elect just said he will not sign off on a contract negotiated by the last mayor because he wants to prevent massive lay-offs)
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