Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Night, Two Finished

When I stick with serial monogamy on the knitting front, I can accomplish stuff.

Just look!

Completed during the season finale of "24" (Thank you, DVR)--a short-sleeved summer cardigan. The pattern is a free one from Elann, the yarn, also from Elann, though not free, is called King Kim (I think) and is a pale gray-blue cotton blend.

Truth time: The knitting has been finished for weeks. One sleeve has been installed nearly as long. It took 2 hours of Jack Bauer to get the rest of it seamed.

And in fair knitting, the blankie, she is done.

My own "pattern" and Red Heart Soft Baby (from Smiley's) in the Laddie colorway.

Personally, I think it's suitable for boy or girl, but what do I know? I make most baby prezzies in red.

I am pleased with the pooling, and the yarn (100% acrylic) is rough and ready. I'll enter this on in the fair then pass it along to the next baby that appears, or donate to the reservation.

It's been a very long week (and it's only Wednesday), but there's good stuff coming on Friday (besides the 3-day)! Film at 11 (or so).

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Super cute cardigan! It looks great on you. :)
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