Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Non-Knitting News

Last weekend, the Tiny Prince's Mom and I found this little rocker at a sidewalk sale sort of place in the City.

We were scouting for Big Trucks in Good Condition. There was a yellow Tonka on display (turned out to be quite rusty) that we passed on, but this sweet little chair (somewhat wobbly and with ripped upholstery) caught my eye.

The guy was asking $25, but willingly took $10.

I figured that I could clean it up a bit and reset the bolts, add a new seat cover and call it "perfect" for the Tiny Prince.

Of course, this is turning into My Project Of The Month.
Today, I got paint and sandpaper and new hardware. We stopped in a fabric store (ooo, shiny!) and looked at lots and lots of fabric and finally settled on. . .new padding.

I found a great cotton dishcloth in red tattersall plaid that I think will work for the seat cover if my first idea (patchwork of some cool kid prints I have from my quilting days) doesn't work out.

Let's just say that So Far, it's a good thing I talked the price down!

This afternoon, I took the thing completely apart.
The wood is in pretty good condition. There's one cracked piece that's non-structural and a gouge missing from one spot, but glue and wood putty will fix those up.

I can't swear to the age, but materials and construction are pointing to the 1930s or maybe even earlier.

Since we're shooting for a small, functional piece, and not something to eBay, I shall press on.

The guys on Antiques Roadshow will be appalled

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I have "the parent" of that small rocking chair. It is a slightly over-sized (non-rocking) chair. Which was covered in cracked vinyl.

I started picking at the cracks (as idle fingers are wont to do) and then removed it all completely - when I discovered what was hidden underneath.
The original seating was a green plush material, edged/outlined in a narrow but ornately patterned tape. (There is probably a proper name for this edging/tape, but I do not know it.)

This chair served me well for many years, but has now been relegated to being a "place to put things" due to the lumps which have developed in the seating area. (I expect the wire coils beneath the seat need adjusting. Or to be replaced.)

I am pleased an offspring of my chair has found an appreciative home. To carry on its life's work.

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