Friday, May 29, 2009

Blue On Blue

Okay, pretend to be surprised.

I have yet another fair entry project on the needles.

It started long ago (maybe 5 or more years) with a yarn swap.

Frankly, I don't remember what my half of the swap was (it might have even been cash), but I remember fairly clearly that the part I was getting was "thick and thin wool yarn, sufficient for a sweater."

It arrived in due course in three huge hanks. Lovely, scratchy, wonderful royal blue wool.

And then it languished.

Right there on the shelf amid my other (ala Sally Melville Styles) color-sorted blue yarns.

Then, not to terribly long ago, I put the first hank on the swift and started to make center-pull balls of the masses of yarn.

Running it through my fingers, I got a sense of what it might become, and so I swatched for a sweater for me. Sort of an outerwear tunic-y sweater, loose and cozy. I envisioned a Cottage Creations sweater (Tunic for the Family, I believe it's called) and swatched a little bit.

Lumpy, bumpy. Very wavy hem-line. Not what I wanted to wear.

So I tucked the swatch back on the shelf with the rolled yarnballs and let it have a little time out.

Earlier this week, a light went on! Shawl! Perfect for homespun-y wooly stuff. No need to worry about the thick- and thinness messing up the gauge. One size fits most.

So I cast on some stitches (36?) and started the good old Increase a Stitch Every Row basic shawl.

Current plan is to knit until my eyeballs fall out of my head (or to 72" or so across the top) and bind off.

Then I will knit an attached lacy border (okay, rustic moose lace, but open work and pointy edges of some sort) to finish it off.

Ideas all came together from a number of sources. I can thank Jared at Brooklyn Tweed for the garter-stitch-with-edging and I really like the idea of not having a point pointing at the butt, though I cannot find the link or reference that added that to the mix.

By the time it's finished, this shawl will be "my creation" with a little help from my friends.

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