Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Top Of My Desk

I have a new computer! (It wasn't my idea.)

The present I gave the Other Half for Christmas (a turntable that allows him to create CDs from our old vinyl technology) won't work well on his computer (why, yes, we are a multi-computer household) so he wants mine.

And since I use mine way more than he uses his, it seemed to make sense that I would upgrade and he would have mine. Sort of.

Of course, that means clearing off the top of my desk (and my desktop, but that's a whole other story). I did that last weekend, then suddenly swapping computers out fell by the wayside (Masters' on tee-vee) and it took less than no time at all to re-clutter the empty surface.

Hey! I'm a busy fiber-holic! And I hope to be typing on a new keyboard by Monday.

And what, pray tell, are these objects littering the landscape?

First up, a finished hat for Ship Support. Good old Red Heart Classic, patterns from somewhere, cast on of 84.

It will be on its way during the next mailing period.

And yes, hats (and slippers) are needed year round for the wounded troops to wear on their evacuation.

Cool ties are the FO of choice for the troops right now It's warming up (in more ways than one) in the Middle East. My sewing skills are rusty, though.

Fair Entry the first. A throw for my living room.

Start in the middle with 8 stitches, keep knitting until your eyeballs bleed or it's the size you want.

The yarn is Patons Decor Sandcastle available from Smiley's. Though it is no longer as cheap inexpensive as when I bought it, it's still a good deal.

Here's an old picture of a square made this way:

Directions can be found here.

And last but not least, another fair entry. This one's a baby blanket in Red Heart Soft Baby in the Laddie colorway, also from Smiley's.

Just a basic "basketweave" pattern (k5, p5 for 7 rows, then p5, k5 for 7).

I fear that I don't have enough yarn to make it as big as I want. ::sigh:: The story of my life.

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