Friday, April 03, 2009

Nearly Ready

All of the pieces of my Short Sleeve Crop Cardigan In Cotton are finished. I hope to have them blocked and seamed (and not necessarily in that order) in time to wear on Monday.

Don't hold your breath, but stay tuned for updates. There will be photos, and maybe coffee and cookies.

And on a sadder note, someone with whom I once was close had a birthday on Tuesday. I didn't send a card this year, though I have never not in the past. I have sent gifts and cards at appropriate times, and yet, have heard nothing in more than 2 years.

Time to stop dropping things into a Black Hole and move on.

Equally sad, this friend/relative has a kid a little older than Older Son. They lived for a couple of years in the same city, working for the same huge conglomerate, and the one person who could have connected those dots for them never did. Now that is very sad. Am I bitter. Hell yes! And I believe Older Son may be as well. As well he should.

We don't get to choose our families.

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