Friday, April 10, 2009

I Knat With Pinque

As promised. Here's the finished toddler dress. I would have called it finished yesterday, but I (know-it-all) followed my very wrong instincts instead of the pattern and then decided that I needed to redo the last 14 rounds.
The pattern is Little Sister's Dress and there's a link here. It calls for fingering weight yarn, which I suppose would be all sweet and babyish, but I had this pink worsted weight stuff that cost a fortune (see 4/8/09 entry) and I really wanted needed to use it up.

[I try to avoid having that particular color in my stash in any great quantity--4 balls being a great quantity in my book. So, you might wonder, why did I buy it in the first place? Did you see the price?--See reference to cost above.]

I went through nearly my entire button stash and decided that these little scallop shells echoed the yoke and hem pattern just enough.

I tried and rejected the ones with the fairies. They're cute, but they are clear and just didn't show up at all. Also rejected: plain solid, flower shaped, and ones with balloons (purple).

My first choice had hot pink dinosaurs. Those were really cute, but I think these are dainty and ladylike.

This dress will go to Cheyenne River after the fair. I might look for a little turtle neck onesie and some tights to make it into an outfit.

Yet another Princess Dress.

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I approve. Carry on.
Absolutely adorable Ann. It's sure to bring a smile to both the mom and little one that receive it. What a bargain!

Kathy (the frugal one)
Very sweet. What is your gauge with worsted weight yarn? What size needles did you use?
Very cute! It's a shame you have such an aversion to pink, though. And those clear buttons? There is likely some form of ink or paint out there which you could apply to the underside of the buttons to make the background white or some similar color. Just a thought for next time...
Its beautiful!!! I may have to try that one.
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