Friday, March 06, 2009

The Work of the Weavers

The Other Half reminded me of this old folk song. You can hear it here. And if you'd like to sing along (or play it on your penny whistle) the music and lyrics are here.

We have it on a really old Clancy Brothers vinyl that we're converting to CD while that's still possible.

And you can see what prompted the memories of that old song on the left. I warped my rigid heddle loom (That makes it sound like I have more than one kind of loom, doesn't it? Okay, believe what you want.) with Patons Classic Merino.

Then, I waited for my backordered smaller (shorter) stick shuttles. They came! And so, I started weaving.

I was shooting for plaid, which sort of didn't happen.

But I'm kind of fond of what is happening. Even if it isn't exactly what I expected.

I'm not beating the weft (same yarn, by the way) as tight as I did the last one. I think I like this a lot better, and since it's wool, it will bloom a bit more than the Roma did (not at all).

The selvedges are still messy, but I think they'll look better after the wet finish. (I can dream, can't I?)

Baby shower was today. There were lots of green and yellow things (I guessed right--no red!) and the mom-to-be loved the little (green) sweater.

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Nice! Apparently y'all are getting the hang of this weaving thing.

I still beat mine until the fabric is so stiff you could dig holes with it.
Hey, I see plaid. Very nice plaid, in fact.
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