Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Same Yarn?

I just finished 2 hats for Ship Support from some stashed Red Heart Sport. Both skeins are the Same Dyelot! and yet, look at that yellow stripe in the hat on the right. Nope. It really isn't in the one on the left. There might be an occasional yellow dot, but nothing like the 3-4 stitch yellow bits in the other skein.

I checked the ball bands numerous times to be sure. Strange, no?

The difference in the width of the stripes is because Left Hat is cast on 100, Right Hat is cast on 90.

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Sometimes yarn is just weird, don't you think? I had something bizarre happen with a pair of socks made from the same skein of Sockotta. One didn't really have stripes per se, the other did a wild, wide striping thing. Same number of stitches, same pattern.
It's interesting that 10 sts makes that much difference in the striping, too. But they sure don't LOOK like the same dye lot to me, either. :-)
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