Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Okay, Bring On the Baby!

I finished the teensy green sweater on Saturday, gave it a soak and spin in my salad spinner, patted it out flat, and voila!

It could pass for store-bought!

With days to spare.

So, I wrapped it in one of those cute gift bags with a pack of newborn Huggies on the bottom--because, as we discovered with the Tiny Prince, sometimes, you just need the stuff to fit!!!

Wanna see a close-up of the "lace?"

Here you go. Sort of neutral, not too lacy.

It's called "gull wing" and is the same pattern stitch that's featured in Elizabeth Zimmermann's February Sweater.

Buttons from JoAnn's, though I swear I raided my stash first--there was nothing suitable, at least not in 4 of a kind. These were on sale--50% off.

Baby gift giving is this Friday. I made it.

(Okay, you're wondering about the other sweater--admit it! I have the first sleeve about 1/3 finished. It's possible that I will have it done by Friday also.)


Yet another beautiful baby sweater!
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