Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look What I Found!

And then, I found an extra copy of this.

So, would you like a copy of Kaffee Fassett's Family Album?

I will say right up front that some of the styles are very dated, but the colorwork is glorious. You don't get much better than KF!

Think of it as eye candy or inspiration.

Leave me a comment. If there's more than one of you out there, I'll draw a name.


I'm not good with color and could use some inspiration. So throw my name in the pot for the KF book, please.
i would love the book. We need to decorate an entirely dirty white apartment. The color of the light part of a siamese only not so warm. My whole family loves extremely bright colors so I could use some color schemes from the book. Our futon looks vaguely Fasset inspired anyway.
P.s. I'm lying in my bed w/ a sick kid, I'm wearing neon yellow t-shirt, he's in neon green.
I always wondered if the sweaters Bill Cosby wore in his TV show from the 1980s (or was it 90s?) with the Huxtable family were by KF.

Eye candy indeed!
Please include me in the drawing. I'll commit to 10 hats for ship support to balance out the karma!
HI Ann,
If the book hasn't been gifted yet, put my name in hat!

I'm interested, too. Haven't knit any KF patterns yet, but I sure like his way with color.
(I'm not trying to enter twice - because I may already be too late. But my previous comment hasn't appeared, after I pressed the wrong button.)

I would like this because all of his books in my local library have various pages ripped out - by other people so they could be reminded of the colour patterns he used.

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
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