Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doing My Part

The gummint says we should buy in order to stimulate the economy.

Buying = Good

Saving = Bad (or at least Not So Good)

And so, yesterday, I did my part. Time to discard the worn and tired summer garments and spruce up the wardrobe. People who know me well know that "sprucing" means Buying New Shirts (that don't have coffee (and other stuff) dripped down the front), mostly.

I confess that I also bought a couple of new dresses (inexpensive, knit, comfy looking) and one of them Isn't Black. Assuming that I keep the stuff after it arrives, I might blog about it. I hate clothes shopping enough to state right here for all to see, that if it fits, it stays.

I'm making good progress on the short-sleeve sweater (see earlier posts for color shots). The sleeves and back are finished, the buttons are chosen and waiting, and I am about 3" into one of the front panels. It's waist-length, so the rest should go pretty quickly.

And in other knitting knews, I have also been working on 7" squares for an afghan project (someone else will assemble).

This was a good opportunity to try out some stitch patterns from 365 Knitting Stitches a Year and other stitch books I have in the knitting library. There are textures, but there is also a bit of lace. Sampling is good. I'm trying things out for the baby blanket fair entry.

The yarn for these squares was stuff that was left over from other projects (100% acrylic) except for the green and the hot pink. They are Red Heart Classic in Artichoke and Grenadine respectively that I got at the TruValu (hardware store--and yes, I get the irony) for free because I have a frequent shopper card and I frequently shop there (for actual hardware). My $10 coupon got me 5 skeins of RH (the only yarn they carry).

Regular readers may have noticed the Lack of Yarn Purchases so far this year. I am on a yarn fast!

I will confess to dropping a hair under a Jackson ($20 US to non-US readers) at the Goodwill store a couple of weeks ago. Piggishly, I bought every scrap of yarn on the shelves (13+ pounds of it). Most was acrylic, though there were a few balls of some pretty nice hair of the mo and 2 balls of a premium white cotton and a huge whack of crochet thread that I will probably use for warp on my loom. I gave away the novelty stuff, but saved the chenille for weaving.

I don't know what possessed me. Maybe deprivation.

I promised myself that if my weight was down 10 pounds by March 31, I would allow myself a little splurge. March 1, I had lost 7 pounds. The end was in sight and the goal attainable. Then, in less than a week, WHAM, every ounce was back. What's up with that?

You don't suppose that the karma of buying all that Used Yarn zapped me, do you?


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Ugh! I didn't realize that the Used Yarn Fairy and the Returning Weight Fairy were in cahoots.
They must be in cahoots. I also got a whack of yarn at the thriftless shop and doggone if I'm not back in my "fat pants." Whimper.
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