Friday, February 27, 2009

What Do You Mean, I Had 9 Months?

A friend is expecting a baby. At the end of March. ::eep::

She and her husband have chosen to be surprised, which, while quaint (It was The way Things Were Done when I was having my babies, but does anybody still do that?) presents a problem to folks who want to Make Them Something (that would be me).

I made a little yellow cotton sweater months ago, but somehow, it seems just too plain at this point and the shower is this coming Friday. A week. ::eep::

So I cast on again, this time in green (Fibranatura Baby Merino, if anyone is keeping score), a sweater from Knitter's Winter 1996 issue. I modified the pattern (act scocked!) by eliminating the gull wing everywhere but on the front (no holes in the sleeves to trap tiny fingers).

And because I tend to like less traditional colors for babies myself, I cast on this sweater with some well-aged Sock It To Me! sock yarn (same stuff I used for booties--scroll down a bit).

What! You don't read Portuguese? Translation (sort of) here.

If you love this concept, and use the translated pattern, there may be a couple of minor errors in the stitch counts.

Please, just trust your gut and ignore the "(8 sts)" and "(42 sts)" and you'll be just fine.

Note: there may be more, but you can see that this is as far as I have gotten.

And on a weaving note, I have rewarped. This time, I'm going to give "plaid" my best shot.

I'm using Patons Classic Wool in navy, burgundy, and hunter, all well-aged in the stash.

So what am I waiting for (besides wanting to finish 2 sweaters by Friday)? Shorter stick shuttles!

They are backordered.


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Can't wait to see how that sweater turns out in your yarn choice. I actually considered that one for a short bit, then decided life is FAR too insane right now to do anything that requires concentrating on a pattern. Good luck with it!
Good luck getting everything done. Love your pattern and yarn choices, as always. You can do it.
I didn't know what flavour E was until she was born. As far as I know, the only way to know for sure is through amnio, and I wasn't so much into having needles stuck in my belly. That being said, I called "the bump" Eleanor from the start.

And your sweater is going to be lovely. Lucky baby!
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