Monday, February 16, 2009

So Much Yarn; So Little Time

It seems that I am not the only fiber enthusiast in this family

The Tiny Prince was visiting over the weekend and on Saturday, he discovered Mammo's Yarn Junk.

I keep a bag of leftover odds and ends specifically for making oddball afghans (for charity and for fun). They are soft, and mostly acrylic, so I figured he couldn't hurt them and vice versa, so what the heck.

Did you know that you can do all sorts of things with balls of yarn? Besides that!

We had fun slam dunking and looking at colors.

There was no selecting of new projects for the moment.

Mama says that the Tiny Prince has way more clothes than even royalty should have. ::sigh::

The alphabet sweater went home with him, but Daniel Brown Bear stayed here, at least for the time being. If there's one thing the Tiny Prince has more of than clothes, it's toys!

But that won't keep the wooly stuff off Mammo's needles.

It's time to start thinking about Fair Entries!

By the time summer is over, the Tiny Prince will be needing some new threads! That boy is growing like a weed. He's 15 months old today. That's 1 1/4 for those of you doing the math.

It doesn't look like so much when it's in the big basket, does it?

Later: Weaving, reverse engineering, and other fun stuff that I can't do when such sweetness is vying for attention.


Sigh......... What a cutie!
He looks like a cuddly little guy! When mine were that tiny, I would put them IN the basket, pick them up, and zoom them around the room--Baby In A Basket! They laffed and laffed... :-)
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