Monday, February 02, 2009

Giving Stuff Away!

Monika offered this book on her blog a couple weeks ago, and I won the draw to get it next! It arrived just as we were walkin' out the door, so (now that we are back--did you miss me?) I am just getting around to offering it to the Sheepshots reader base.

It's a good book. It's thought-provoking. And it can be yours! To read, not to keep.

If you'd like a chance to read it, please leave a comment. I'll draw a name over the weekend and keep it moving!

I will warn you, it's not a pattern book, per se, though there are patterns in it. I will be making Oatlion!

And the Tiny Prince got a late Christmas from his own Uncle Cool. It's not a telephone! It's a hammer. For playing with a Noisy Toy.

And he got a new sweater from Mammo who was less than thrilled with the way it turned out. Love the yarn (Adriafil Knit Kol), love the pattern (Cottage Creations Knitted Tunic). Really, really dislike the color! I picked this colorway for its Lack of Pink. What's up with that, anyway?

The yarn is supposed to be a "self-patterning" (as in, like the sock stuff) DK weight. Yeh, well.

But his Momma likes it, and it fits (for now). He wore it to his daddy's graduation (which is why we were on the road).

Feetz, Don't Desert me!

Barbara D. sent me this picture of tiny Feetz Heeters that she will be mailing to Cheyenne River.

If you'd like to see your creations here, send me a picture. If you have a blog and would like the traffic, send me a link.


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The book idea sounds really good; one just has to "pass it on" after reading, right? Cool!

(and I think the colorway on Prince's sweater works fine for a little guy)
I'll enjoy reading the book and I'll pass it along.
I'll throw my hat into the ring for the book . I'd love to read it and pass it on .

I think the sweater is perfectly fine for a little boy , looks great with his jeans !
I'm following that book around, from Monika's blog to yours :)
I'd like a chance to read it too, so put me in the drawing.

Really cute sweater - it looks just right for a little boy.
Love to join the book-go-round.

Tiny Prince wears that sweater well!
Tiny Prince obviously doesn't care about the color ofhis sweater! He's cute, and as long as it's warm and not itchy I think it's fine. :o)
I would love have the opportunity to share in the reading of the book with this group. Thanks
I am also following the book!
Really cute sweater, and it looks self-striping from here!

Sure thing, put me on the list to receive the book. I love sharing.
Looks like an interesting book. If it doesn't end up coming my way I might just have to convince the interlibrary loan people here to find me a copy.

I think the Prince's sweater looks adorable; maybe not quite what you had in mind, but adorable none the less.
He's adorable in his sweater!
And the book looks great.
Add me into the book line up!!!
Like Albert from Pogo said,
"A good lookin' man look good in anything he throw on. " It's a nice sweater, the kid isn't too bad either.
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