Saturday, January 03, 2009

Third Day of the Year

I started a sweater for the Tiny Prince in LB Magic Stripes. It's stuff I bought from a serious sale bin at Ollie's, a few months back. I bought 4 which is twice what I need, but I didn't have the pattern handy and wasn't taking any chances--total outlay: $7.96--see where I was?

My plan was to make Johnny from the Berroco site but 1) I hate seaming and 2) I don't like the drop shoulders. Plus, I was a bit concerned about how this self-patterning stuff would work knitting back and forth. I may still swatch that.

So I grabbed my Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and started the Child's Raglan in the smallest (26" chest) size which is very big for the Tiny Prince right now, but since this is 6 st/in, so I expect to be at it for a while.

The striping wasn't obvious in the ribbing, but it's showing up nicely now that I'ves switched to stockinette. On my monitor, I can see the two shades of blue, sort of a slate and a teal between the rounds of tweed.

I have Nothing Else on the needles right now. Nothing. Feel my forehead. Am I running a fever?

I have a(n) FO to report though.

I knat up this dish/facecloth in Sugar 'n Cream last night while watching a rather strange (even for Tim Robbins) movie, The Secret Life of Words.

There's not a lot of action. Heck, there's no action. There's a little bit of kissing (both kinds), and one full-frontal nude flash that really is necessary to the story.

Not a kid movie. Not a chick flick. I'm not sure where I would place it. Not sure how I will rate it when we return it on Monday.

Thought provoking. Sort of "green," sort of anti-war.

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Sorry - I'm not interested in the movie. However I AM keen on your finished object.
What I want to know is the pattern of the dish/facecloth. It looks to have a bit of scrubbing power.

Happy knitting - and thanks,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
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