Sunday, January 04, 2009

Selfish Sunday Number 1

So, how's it going?

I did not cast on the pink dusty rose tweed aran this morning.

Instead, I got up a little late (7, that's late for me) and assembled my loom. Not that it was difficult (once I figured out what the directions meant and discovered that a crochet hook helped the process along), but it was time consuming.

I'm counting that as "fiber stuff for me" and have cast on a baby gift sweater in Red Heart TLC Cotton Plus (from Smiley's). Yellow, because the parents don't wish to know if they are getting blue or pink until it's actually here, and so, they will be getting lots of yellow.

Warping will commence after breakfast. Stay tuned.

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i tend to go for bright primary colors when the sex is undetermined. Rainbows are us around here (ofcourse, ilikee the tie dye, lol)
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