Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Princely Paws

The Tiny Prince got a pair of mittens in the mail. A couple days later, his mama emailed to say that
Oh, no!
One of the mittens was MIA! Missing.In.Action. somewhere. And nowhere to be found.

So, Mammo (that would be me) whipped up another pair, just like the first pair. And
Guess what!

The first mitten reappeared. Wet, and dirty, but back from wherever little boys' mittens go in the winter. Found. On a bush. Probably put there by some kind stranger.

Good thing they are washable!

And now, instead of one, or even three, the Tiny Prince has four mittens and warm hands.

The end.

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You are clearly the very bestest Mammo in the entire universe.

Plus, you're a knitter. You can do anything. ;)
My niece once lost a mitten in a parking lot, not noticed until the family had gone some distance. Six hours later my family returned, parked in the same space again, and the mitten was there. Some mittens having homing instincts.
I am almost sure that the picture is not of mittens - missing or otherwise. To put me out of my misery - what's being shown in the picture?

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
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