Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not a Sock

Sock yarn. It's wool. It's washable. It's not just for socks.

It the recent past, I have used sock yarn (Kroy and others) to make all sorts of Not Socks. Mittens, hats, baby sweaters. Anything that needs the softness of a fine wool yarn and the sturdiness (and washability) of the sock yarn wool/nylon blend.

You can search the archives for some of them. There's a Zimmerman February Sweater in geranium pink that shows off the lovely lace. There is a hat and mitten set that I entered in the fair in a multicolor striped Regia (I think). And of course, there's a Baby Bear Poncho (and matching booties, but they are sort of socks, aren't they?) in a gray-green Kroy 4-ply that a friend sent me a couple few years back.

So it should come as no surprise that I have a pretty significant stash of sock yarn on the shelf.

Regular readers will recognize the sweater in the works. It's a 26" chest raglan. Currently planned as a 2009 fair entry. Destined to become a Tiny Prince Skin TM. When he gets a bigger chest.

I have finished the body to the armpit (top photo) and have some nice (about 50%) progress on the first sleeve.

It's snowing here, and I feel the beginning of a cold coming on, so I think I will retreat to the "studio" and work on the socksweater and maybe mess around with the loom a little.

Care to join me?


Yup, I'm about to hibernate (fibernate) from this snow which may soon be freezing rain, myself. Glad to see a fair project!
I'd love to join you! Knitting a baby/kid sweater in sock yarn is something I really want to try. Is 200 grams going to be enough (I have two skeins of Opal I'm saving)? I want to figure out the size/gauge for a top down raglan, though.

I never thought you would be doing the sleeves this way; I assumed you were going to pick up stitches around the armhole. I would be scared to death of getting it sewn in right. Good luck and enjoy!
I would join you if I didn't have 900 projects (all sinfully overdue) on the needles. Can I bring something other than a socksweater?

Oh, I can bring a loom, too :)
Hi Ann,
I love to use left over opal sockyarn for many knitted things for little ones. Just finished a "Heidi Hat" for a little girl, one strand of sportsweight merino in red and one strand of opal that has the same red in it, also mittens to match. I would love to send you a picture of it, but where?
If I may I have a question about the inside out mitered blankie that you gave us in June 05. I started it last night and was so excited that I could go through the Emeliy Ocker cast on and then I did about 4 different colors and wound up with 72 stitches and it was tine to change to a circular needle.Well, that was harder then the beginning. I could not do it, I tried a 21-inch from the Denise set and I could not get the thing moving. What is wrong with this picture?. When I make hats I usually have either 64 or 72 sts. on the circ and then for the crown I change to dpn without a moments problem. Why is this giving me a problem.? I even tried a 24 inch needle, that was too big. What did I do wrong? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Rita
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