Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More Good Stuff

Did I mention that my loom came with totally beautiful, totally unuseful silk thread. Very fine. Very pink?

With the Other Half's okay (he likes me happy and hates wasting money), I returned the silk and got 2 cones of blue chenille, two cones of pale gold chenille, a pound of white 8/2 cotton, a pound of yellow ditto, and some linen warp.

And a book. With lots of cool projects and tips and such. I think I'll skip the chapter on "choosing a loom." That's already been done.

And some change. Not a lot, but some.

Had to work later than usual today, then had a longer drive home than usual, so I didn't do anything with my new stuff.

Tomorrow is another day!

Some answers to comments:

Dragon Knitter asked, "i'm in. i've got a pair of socks on the needles (well one, lol) that i was gonna send to A4A, but i think i'll give it to y'all instead. is superwash wool ok? "

++Superwash is great. Warm and washable. What more can we ask of socks?


Nanna said, "Our knitting resolution is very similar. It's been pointed out to me that I haven't knitted for me in a long time & this needs to change. So- this yr will see me doing more me knitting from the stash. How exciting - this means we will have to go out & celebrate together wearing our knits.

++When I first read this, I thought you said "kilts." Dang! Yes, knits! We sure will! knits


Beth in MN asked, "What pattern did you use for the colorful slippers, woman? :-) "

++Pattern is called T-Minus Slipper Sock and can be found here.


dragon knitter commented, "i tend to go for bright primary colors when the sex is undetermined. Rainbows are us around here (ofcourse, ilikee the tie dye, lol) "

++Me, too, but not for this project this time. I need a light weight cotton blend and this yellow was the right weight and cotton/ack. Washable, cooler than other "baby" yarns. It only came in limited colors and this was the least evil. I could do red for a baby, but not orange. At least not for this baby.


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