Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Which It Becomes Clearer

Amy, in a comment, sort of questioned my wisdom sanity when she said, "I never thought you would be doing the sleeves this way; I assumed you were going to pick up stitches around the armhole. I would be scared to death of getting it sewn in right," but take a look.

Ann Budd has the knitter (that would be me) make three tubes, one short and fat, two long and skinny and then join them all on a single circular needle for what EZ used to call "the Grand Finish.

Here they are all joined and I am rapidly decreasing (8 stitches EOR) to the neck.

I've got a bit of interesting (or nasty, depending on your POV) pooling going on. I will have to let it dictate which side will be the front and which the back before I get to the neck shaping.

And in answer to Amy's other question (about amount of yarn), I have broken into 2 100 gram balls (600 meters) and it looks like there will be leftovers. This is a 26" chest.


The sweater is turning out beautiful! What a lucky Prince!!
Dearest Ann, I would NEVER question your sanity! Especially now that I see there is no (or maybe not much? Haven't wrapped my brain around it yet) sewing involved! Whoo hoo, sounds like a winner to me.

Thanks for clearing that up, and for revealing the amount of yarn needed. I really, really want to start on a sock yarn baby sweater!
Hi Ann! You've been selected for the book-passalong. For more info please go to my blog.
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