Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cast On a New Year (Some Resolutions)

"Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account."
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oscar Wilde

Ah, let the wild(e) casting on begin!

This (2009) will be the year of the Selfish Sunday. No knitting will be done for anyone other than me until/unless, I have first knit at least a little for the First Person, Singular. That means, that the first thing I knit every Sunday will be something I alone will wear or use.

It does not necessarily mean that all of my Sunday knitting will be for me (though it certainly might be), only that I will knit (or weave) for myself first. On Sunday. And any other day I care to.

Regular readers may recognize a breakthrough!

The picture above is from Debbie Bliss Celtic Knits. The yarn is London Tweed by Needful Yarns. Pink, but not "pinque" (that baby girl, bubble gum, mental hospital walls color that makes me gag). This might just be the "go to" sweater of 2009.

There are other possibilities. I need to sort through them. I figure, I have until Sunday.

My Resolutions of the fibery kind are really short and simple: 1) to use up some stash (it's become an embarrassment) 2) to learn a new skill (I'm banking on weaving for that one). There are other resolutions, or rather improvements, in the plot, but they are private, and so I will not spill them here.

Here's what I said on January 1, 2007:

"I, personally, will be bit more conservative in my yarn buying. I will continue to be ultra-liberal in my politics, however. [edit to add: That conservative part didn't happen.]

I'd like to get my stash confined to the cubes I have (and maybe the 3 more that I still have to assemble). [ETA: Through the judicious use of squashing, and the addition of the cubes, that actually did happen despite the huge increase in the stash.]

I'd like to knit up (enjoy, IOW) the wonderful yarns I already have stashed. [ETA: I worked on it, I did it some, but not nearly enough.]

I'd like to share (i.e. give away, donate, sell) the yarns that I no longer consider wonderful. [ETA: I actually did that with some bags and balls of novelty stuff. I don't know why I bought it, or so much of it, in the first place.]

And I'd like to lose 25 pounds. [ETA: Well, we know where that went!]

None of these resolutions will come easy.I absolutely will attempt entrelac this year. [ETA: I did!] I possibly might try spinning.[ETA: I didn't.]

In the meantime, and on another knitting front,

It's time for 2009 Heet the Feet for Cheyenne River Reservation.

Every January, our Yahoo group has a sock/slipper/bootie drive for Cheyenne River Reservation. The object is to provide foot warmth for those in need.

The specifics: All sizes, all color, all kinds. Hand made or purchased. Mail by February 15 to create a "blitz" of warm foot covers.

If you want in, leave me a comment.

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i'm in. i've got a pair of socks on the needles (well one, lol) that i was gonna send to A4A, but i think i'll give it to y'all instead. is superwash wool ok?
Our knitting resolution is very similar. It's been pointed out to me that I haven't knitted for me in a long time & this needs to change. So- this yr will see me doing more me knitting from the stash. How exciting - this means we will have to go out & celebrate together wearing our knits.
First time for everything I'm excited about the heat the feet challenge. I will send 6 pairs of knitted slippers which were just finished today. You asked for a photo. Where do I sent it?
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