Sunday, December 07, 2008

Where We Stand

Many years ago, I worked in a furniture store (in the design department). We had an inventory clerk who fancied herself quite the comedienne. Whenever someone would say to her: "Where do we stand on Famous style #432?" (insert manufacturer and style of your/our choice), she would reply:

"We don't stand on the furniture."

Okay, point taken.

Where, though, you are probably wondering, do I stand on the Christmas knitting?

I planned 2 sweaters (one each for Older Kid and Daughter In Law). I finished Sweater #1 (Cobblestone) back before Thanksgiving and plunged ahead on Neck-Down Wrap Cardigan.

Then Thanksgiving intervened.

With the soon-to-be-owners visiting, it became apparent that No Knitting on that project could occur. So I did what any self-respecting knitter does. I cast on another project:

This is a top down "Twizzled Ribbed" Cardigan from Rich Designs Kids to Grown-ups Seamless Sweaters for the Tiny Prince. (Note that following the Growly Dog and Tomten I had not planned to make another TP skin this fall.)

I really like this book (got it at if you're interested) and have used it as the jumping off point for several small sweaters. I am currently eyeing some thick and thin wool that's marinating in the stash as a potenial Me Sweater. But I digress.

This yarn is Superwash Worsted. Nice stuff to knit with.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am auditioning buttons to close this puppy. And speaking of puppies, I have cute little tan puppy-face buttons that would be perfect, but they might be too small.

Also trying out are (eyes left) wooden toggles, boring flat buttons in the perfect shade of teal, and crayons in 6 colors that are acceptable, but not great.

Let the voting and comments begin!

Each one has its drawbacks: too boring, too big, not really washable, too bumpy, too small, not quite the right color. ::sigh::

I am leaning toward puppies or plain or maybe the stegosauruses. Just saying. Just looking for validation. Remember, he's one.

I need to knit one sleeve and the body from the underarm to the hem, then sew on the buttons.

Then, just imagine my delight this morning when I reached his momma's Sweater In Progress off of the high shelf where it was perched during their visit and discovered that the first sleeve was half finished. Yay!

This one needs one whole sleeve, part of the first sleeve, the neckband, and 3 miles of I-cord.

They need to be in the mail in time to reach their destination for December 19.

I will be alternating projects this week with plans to mail ::eep:: Friday.

Will Sheepie make it?

Stay tuned!

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Plain buttons! Save the dinosaurs until he's old enough to appreciate them.

Elizabeth D
I like the puppy dog buttons.
You can do it!

And I vote for the dinosaur buttons. He might not be old enough to appreciate them but his mom will.
It would be a shame if people looked at that nice sweater and said, "What cute buttons!"
The puppy dog buttons have the advantage that mother can see them even when bleary-eyed with fatigue; buttons that match perfectly can be hard to find, some mornings. At age one, "puppy" is probably as complex as he needs to get. "Dinosaur" can wait until he's two.
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