Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, That Didn't Last Long

Selfish Sundays, what a concept.

Too bad it won't work!

I mean, it's not like I didn't try (oh, for about 18 minutes) but the Other Half is craving a new Wallaby himself, and I am sad to say, Janice, that the yarn he selected is the dark, dark, dark. . . you guessed it: Magpie. I'll leave you my Starmores instead. And my grandmother's jewelry. That should about make up for it. Almost.

The thing is, we are swapping. He'll get the new navy blue Wallaby, and I'll get his old one, Brown Sheep worsted weight in Mill Blue (which is more of a lavender than a blue) so I'm sort of getting "something for me" even if it isn't brand new (or a color I would have picked for myself).

In the meantime, I suddenly realized that the Tiny Prince does not have a woobie

I mean, he's barely 1, but a kid needs a woobie!

So I dragged out the odd ball bag and started to scumble him up a blankie of the sort that is so very ugly that no one would ever consider stealing it.

The concept isn't new. In fact, it's in the genes. The Younger Kid requested a hat of exactly that sort back in high school. For wrestling. By the time he graduated, I had made dozens of those "ugly beanies," one for each member of the team, the coach, the coach's kids, and on and on.

In drawing, scumbling is used to describe a random, scribbled texture, with figure-eight and concave shapes used to create a spiky texture, rather than the common circular scribble. In knitting and crochet, it's also called "free form" where the creator makes a sort of random shape, then adds to a side, then adds again and again in inceasingly random bits until it is the size or shape needed (or until the fibre artiste runs out of wooly bits).

In this case, I'm using odd bits of ack, actually, my "scrap bag" that the Tiny Prince plays with when he comes to visit Mammo. It really is odds and ends of all sorts of former projects. Nothing he can hurt, and the makings of the ultimate cast iron woobie.

It's not truly free form, but all mitered squares and rectangles, based on multiples of 8.

Right now, it's the size of a doll's blanket. I expect that by the time I see him again (at the end of January), it will be "just right," to quote Goldilocks.

Unless I run out of fibery stuff. And they stop making Red Heart.

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I get the concept with the blanket for Tiny Prince, but HOW did you apply that to hats for the son and his wrestling team?
My Magpie!!!

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