Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sing, Sing a Song

The title references a song that has been going through my head. "Quiet entertainment" for the Tiny Prince included You-tube viewing of (mostly) Muppets and Sesame Street vids. This one is stuck in my brain!

I have been "away," dear readers, wallowing in self-pity and grief and feeling like, yes, with all that has gone on in the past several weeks, it is absolutely "normal" to feel more than a little sad.
First off, the Tiny Prince's visit was, in many ways, far too short. He's such a fast moving kid on his knees and soon to be on his feet. He wants to feed himself, but falls asleep over his meal, because, Mammo, it's a whole lotta work!

And then, I discovered that the kids will be spending the next holiday with The Other Grandparents, which is, I guess (in my logical mind), Only Fair (but in truth, my emotional mind is saying So Not Fair). It stinks, truthfully.

Since I heard this, I have had a hard time working on the Christmas Sweaters that remain half-done, but instead, threw myself into a quick-knit project:

From Knit U contributor Dez Crawford:

I wanted to remind everyone that Covenant House, serving homeless teens in New Orleans, was Aunt Gail's favorite charitable cause and that I am collecting hats, scarves, mitts and socks for a special holiday delivery in Gail McHugh's memory.

I know you are all in the middle of your holiday knitting, but if you have an extra hat, scarf or other warm item laying around, or if you have time to whip out a hat en route to your holiday dinner, please consider dropping it in the mail soon.

U.S. residents, please postmark no later than December 13 so I receive the item(s) in time for delivery Christmas week. International residents, please drop your item in the mail ASAP.

Although Covenant House accepts donations of garments year round, I like to make a special delivery each holiday season. If you don't have time to knit, they also accept towels, washcloths, toothbrushes, toiletries, and easy-care black pants and white shirts for teen boys and teen girls (many of the kids they assist are trained for jobs in the restaurant business and the black/white combo can be worn to work).

Send to my shop:
Knitting Asylum
8231 Summa Ave.Suite B
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

I am looking forward to making that delivery Christmas week, and thanks to local knitters who have already donated hats and scarves. Let's help keep Gail's memory alive through her favorite causes!

Dez Crawford, in Baton Rouge

I've finished a scarf, hat, and pair of mitts. When I finish this second scarf, I will wash them all and pop them in the mail to Dez with a quartet of inexpensive but colorful bath towels. (Photo, then.)

Other sad-producing events included the deaths of two folks that I have worked closely with for several years. Bob was a few years older than me, Stephen, a couple years younger. Though neither death was totally unexpected, I will miss them both greatly. The package to Dez will be sent in memory of Stephen, who would understand.

It's not depression, I keep telling myself, but just Normal Sad. If it's still here at the end of the month, I will seek help. I promise.

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Thanks for reading my blog. I'll read yours, too, AFTER I get all these danged Christmas pressies off my TO-DO list. Closure is the issue.
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