Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm On a Mission

Couple of times a year, I take a planned break from the work-world and stay at home. I do not SOMA (sit on my @ss), though. Oh, no. This is a planned Cleaning Break.

Yep, every 6 months (or so), I clean my house, whether it needs it or not!

It needs it!

Truth be told, I planned to take the whole week, but work-life interfered and so, I went in yesterday, but the rest of this week is mine, mine, mine!

This morning, I woke to yet another deary pre-winter Pennsylvania day.

(I will add as an aside, that it is the spring that keeps us here--that and needing to have an income for a few more years, thank you, Wall Street. We are not skiers or snowboarders. We do not like winter weather!)

And it is cold yet again today. It never hit freezing (0 C or 32 F for those keeping track). The weather person (we have a "gal") promises that tomorrow will be warm (near 60) but rainy. We will save errands for warm. Rain trumps ice.

The rhododendron outside the front door is an indicator of just how cold it is. The tighter the leaves roll, the colder the temperature.

That's what 25 looks like. In the sun. Next to a warmish brick wall. Yesterday, the leaves looked like sticks.

So, today is the ideal day to check out my cleaning supplies, add to my shopping list if there's anything in short supply, and print out my List TM.

I am obsessive. I keep a cleaning list on my computer.

Room by room, it guides me through the boring tasks that need to be done once in a while--like wiping the jelly prints off the cabinet knobs. Yes. Yes, it is.

And one by one, I will cross those tasks off the list.

I have been known to add the occasional tasks that aren't needed every Cleaning Vacation TM (like finishing two sweaters and taking Princess Sparky to the vet).

It feels good to cross them off.

Please note that the first item on the list is: Make List.

One task accomplished!

So I sat to eat my breakfast: decaff coffee and a gingerbread muffin (yum) from the Amish bakery at the fairgrounds, and looked over the comics (I'll catch up on the rest later).

Our local paper is part of the Tribune family. Tribune's filed for bancruptcy. We are shocked (not).

First, the pages got smaller, then the Editorial page went away, the comics were downsized by half, and Dear Abby became a 1-letter column.

Surprised by this latest turn of events. No, not really.

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