Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy (Almost) New Year

I believe I have reached that point in my life when I am simply too old to care about "ringing in the new year" and so, you can believe me when I say that I expect to be sound asleep at midnight!

Instead of staying up with Dick Clark, the Other Half and I watched the second disc of Season 4 of Lost, shared a bowl of popcorn and drank diet soda of choice, while I finished up the last two knit projects of 2008. That would be the two pairs of slippers in the photo.

The "official total" for the year was not so hot.

I've been tracking since 2002 and this is the "middle" year (3 better, three worse as far as finished objects are concerned).

Here's the rundown:

2 adult sweaters
3 pairs of adult socks
27 hats
3 scarves
6 pairs f slippers
8 preemie/baby caps
afghans 2 4200 53
15 child sweaters
5 laprobes/baby blankets
9 pairs of booties
2 shawls
2 dishcloths/facecloths
11 pairs of mittens
1 christmas stocking
22 afghan squares
8 toys
finishing on 2 afghans from squares other people made
1 baby dress
10 christmas ornaments
1 frog suit (romper)
1 potholder
1 pillow
8 bibs
1 bag
8 cat mats

That's 159 FOs in all. Not shabby; not great. I used up more than 38 pounds of yarn--24.6 miles of it. Some of it was actually even stash!

I am ending 2008 with absolutely nothing on my needles. I am not sure how that bodes for 2009.

Tomorrow: my fibery resolutions


I'm impressed with your output! I don't accomplish near as much.
What pattern did you use for the colorful slippers, woman? :-)
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