Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drive-By Blogging

He got it right!

Boy, did he get it right!

This was my Christmas gift from the Other Half. Yep, it's a Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle loom. The one I was lusting after, then back-burnered because of a more serious need. I am so looking forward to breaking open the packaging.

But first, there's the matter of exchanging the yarn that he bought with it. Salmon pink is so not my color!

Fact is, I have a LOT of yarn that I could play with until the exchange goes through, but there are a couple of books I want need to get so that I have a clue what I am doing.

Maybe if I looked at the booklet that's packed inside. . .

Scumble is finished! It's roughly 33"X45". I used about 1300 yards of odd bits of yarn (some of it was lighter weight, doubled to match the thickness (grist) of the worsted weight basic stuff). It weighs in at about 23 ounces. All garter stitch, so nice and smooshy.

Some of the yarn (the Patons Astra--the stuff I doubled) is incredibly baby soft, but sturdy. Some (the Caron Soft) is also baby soft, but feels like it will pill and disintegrate. Some (the Red Heart Strata--the rainbow looking rectangles and the border) was scratchy as all get out in the knitting.

A trip through the washer and dryer evened out the stitches and softened the whole thing to very niceness.

I am pleased. I will offer it to himself when the Tiny Prince comes to visit in February.

Cruising toward the new year, I am finished with all of the On The Needles stuff except for a black wool beanie that I am making for Ship Support. I might actually ring in the year with only one project going. That would be a first! I have lots of things in the planning stage, though, so 2009 promises to be a banner year!

And on a sad note, I discovered last night that some of the wonderful superwash yarns that I have stashed. . .there's no easy way to say this (no, not the dreaded "M" word--do you think I would be sitting here typing if my stash was infested??)--the Tiny Prince has outgrown the yardage!

How can that be?? When did that happen? ::sniff::

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I just wanted to let you know that I've knitted a well-worn blanket out of the caron, and I have barely seen any pilling. Something to look foreward to!
i'd say it's time for striped sweaters for the tiny prince!
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