Saturday, December 06, 2008

Doing My Bestest

Santa's watching, folks, and so, it's time to shift that do-gooding into high gear.

Observe! Over there on the left. A hat, two scarves, and a pair of mitts. They'll be winging their way on Monday toward NOLA (Katrinaville) with a side stop in the Knitting Asylum where they will meet up with others of their kind before the final trip to Covenant House.

Because there are other needs besides warm woolies, I am including some towels and toothbrushes and a couple pairs of purchased socks.

The towels are of the inexpensive variety, but serviceable. Or so I thought until I got them home and next to the ones we use. Then I realized how rough and scratchy the sizing in terry cloth makes it feel. So I washed a beige, a tan, a yellow, and a navy blue together and threw them (together) in the dryer.

Now I know why the lables all say "wash with like colors."


I believe that I am now officially done with "charity" knitting until after the Solstice.

Moving into high gear on the family sweaters. Tiny Prince's cardi is ready for the sleeves. They will be tonight's movie knitting. Boring buttons are selected. Looking for something more exciting.

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Oh, my. You have my sympathy. I once washed a black towel with a white one. The colors were fast but my fingernails ached by the time I got all that lint picked off.
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