Saturday, November 15, 2008

Round and Round

And so. .

The Tiny Prince has an aversion to hoods (no surprise there) and a need for warm ears (at least until his hair grows a bit) of the hatly kind.

I used the leftover Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Superwash Bulky to whip up this little hat for him.

He'll probably whip it off, just like he does every hat. But the next one will tie under the chin!)

That'll slow him down at least.

Continuing progress on the Cobblestone. The sleeves are joined to the body and the first short-row round is finished.

The color is a lot richer in person than it shows in this photo and the yarn is very soft.

I'm thinking that I might make one for myself later this winter. I might declare another "selfish" month and knit just for me.

And I've started Christmas shopping.

How cute is that?

It's pajamas (wish they made my size!) with feets.

And a friendly growly dinosaur on the top.

And cute smiley dinos on the bottom.

I repeat: How cute is that??

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If y'all find those PJs in adult size, please let me know ... (no, no, it's not for me. Never! It's for a *koff* uh, for a friend. Yeah, that's it. A friend.)
My son has the same exact pair. And a pair with a dog saying "woof". They are very cute and we love them!
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