Sunday, November 09, 2008

How I Spent My Weekend

Remember this?

It's a prize winner from the Jimmy Beans Wools site. I made it a while back and am pleased to show it "on the hoof" so to speak

as we are currently experiencing company.

There's a reason that Mother Nature cuts off the baby-making with humans!

There's a whole lotta chasin' going on when they are this size.

Mammo and Daddo are having a lot of fun (but I, for one, am exhausted)!

Here we are getting ready to head to the Farmers Market to buy meat and veg for the week.

Uncle Younger Kid had a good time playing with Rowan's toys. Rowan is happy to share.

(Little kids got good stuff to play with these days!
But they still seen to prefer the wooden spoon and plastic container "drum" and the empty boxes. Sme things never change.)

Classic toys and a newer favorite got a good workout!

As did the kitchen stuff.

Okay, the big plastic piggy bank sings (several songs). It does not dance, though.

And so did my old baby doll. Remember when I could try the little guy's sweaters on the Ugly Baby?

Not so much any more.

And here's Himself raiding Mammo's yarn stash in search of an ebryonic hat.

He was persuaded to select from the washable wools (by both Mama and Mammo), though his absolute first choice was the Magpie (Rowan v. Rowan).

And there you have it.

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Tell the child that although he is adorable, it would behoove him to Step Away from the Magpie.
Hey, what do you expect? The kid's got taste! And SO adorable!
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