Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Change is Coming

It's a very good thing that I didn't commit to posting every day in November! And taht's all I'm saying about that.

Nearly a week post-election, I am still digesting results.

I am still mulling over the comment made by my contact at another non-profit that provides food to needy folks. We have a limited number of boxes of food that we can provide to low income senior citizens (1225 for everyone in a 6-county area--there is a waiting list of over 200). Her agency is one of the distribution sites. They continue to register people, despite the waiting list, which is how the program has to function--we are expected to distribute 100% a month every month.

When she complained that "there shouldn't be a waiting list. Everyone who needs a box should get one every time," I agreed, commiserated even, then pointed out that the current administration has zeroed this program (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) in its last three proposed budgets. (Our national association has fought vigorously to restore funding--and succeeded!)

Then she turned on me! and told be that the Clinton administration is responsible for all of the mess in the welfare system.

Folks, it's time to get over it! And move forward.

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Blinders are almost as much fun as rose colored glasses. They both work well for those in denial.
I cannot say it any better than kathy f did.

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