Friday, November 14, 2008

Caturday Eve

For a week that consisted of only three work days, it's been a long one!

I have sick staff, meeting upon meeting, and yesterday was Dictionary Day, the day when our local Rotary Club presents a brand new dictionary to every third grader in the school district.

It's an amazing project that I wrote about in the past, but it continues to engage the Rotarians who participate in the actual distribution.

This year, as last, the third graders were enthralled by my tales of my cyber friend Peter who is a botanist who lives in Australia, with his canine Rosie. Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls!

Third graders are so cool! They are old enough to be reasonably independent, but young enough that they haven't become know-it-alls.

The only (literal) sore point was that I turned my ankle leaving the building. Ouch!
Totally agree about 3rd graders. If there's ever a time to get those kids on the right track, that's the year for it, too. Great job with the dictionaries.

I assume when you turned your ankle you failed to turn the rest of you in the same direction. Ann, Ann, you can't really move in all directions at the same time. Put some ice on that ankle, elevate, and knit all weekend!

Debbie in In
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