Friday, October 03, 2008

The Rest of the Ball

There was some Cottontots left from the petal bib, so I made another.

I like the basic idea in Mason-Dixon Knitting (which I just acquired, along with the second one by Ann and Kay from books, btw!), but I was afraid I would run out of yarn before I finished.

Turns out, I had pleanty and now have a small ball left over. Rats!

I started with 20 stitches (instead of 40) and increased one stitch each side (I used M1, but I have other ideas for the next one) until I had 40, then continued knitting even to the dimensions in M-D. I followed the instructions for the straps and button hole and sewed on another terrific button.

Here's another shot of the bib. Sometimes flat is better.

I have some ideas for variations, and I need a little something to travel with el and the entrelac blankie. I'm thinking that some manly looking bibs would be a perfect tuck-in.

Now to find some Cottontots in camo!

(The prototype (and the petal version) are for a baby girl. The next ones will be for little boys.)


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