Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh, Baby!

Isn't this a cute sew-in?

It came from Button Drawer where I get all the cute buttons that I sew on stuff, and now, these labels, plus some equally adorable ones for sewing into the Tiny Prince's stuff, because, lord knows, he's not a baby any more ::sniff::.

The new baby in the very extended family is the Tiny Prince's soon-to-be First Ever First Cousin, hypthetical (but only for the mo') baby son of the Not-So-New Daughter-In-Law's Baby Brother and his Nearly-New Wife.

(Are you still with me?)

Here's what I sewed that label onto. Entrlac Afghan from Knitting for Babies and Kids (House of White Birches) in Superwash Worsted.

And here is a gratuitous review of the yarn: it sucks! Okay, not completely, but. . .

It is machine washable. It came out of the wash all pilly and covered with linty blobs which I guess I should have expected from a first run through when the knitted FO is made up of multi-colors of light and dark. Why, oh, why do the dark linty bits wind up on the light squares and vice versa? Karma? Murphy? You be the judge.

It's soft. It's warm. It's nicer to knit than Red Heart. Is that "damning with faint praise?"

I like superwash for baby and kid things. I have lots, so I'll continue to use it, but what a disappointment after all that work garter stitch.

And speaking of light lint on dark. . .

A bit ago, I looked over to my right and saw

No wonder there's cat hair all over my clothes. . .

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One of my cats loves opening the middle drawer of my dresser (not DH's) and sleeping on my clothes. He especially liked doing it at 2 a.m., and making lots of noise in the process.

I finally found places for the clothes, padded the drawer with an old towel and open it for him at bedtime. We both sleep much better now.

The afghan is lovely, but I don't know why dark yarn pills on the light parts and vice versa. Probably the same law of attraction that causes white cat hair to cling to my black slacks!
Your kitty looks amazingly comfortable. And I like that blanket!
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