Saturday, October 11, 2008

No Knitting Content

There'll be knitting stuff tomorrow (assuming I survive, but that's another story).

Okay, so I was noodling around google (nevermind what I was looking for) and stumbled onto this (and if you think getting back there was easy, think again).

Having raised two high school athletes, I thought I was up on my sports regs. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that skates are required footgear for ice hockey and that, while shoes are required for most sports, it seems both basketball and field hockey can be played barefoot!

And it appears that only baseball players may wear Underoos beneath their uniforms!

You learn something new every day!


I am slightly concerned that there isn't a requirement for pants listed for each of the sports! I mean who wants to see a pantless baseball game?
i didn't know they made underoos that big, lol!
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