Sunday, October 12, 2008

Actual Knitting Took Place

I recently ordered (and received) both Mason-Dixon Knitting books. (Am I repeating myself? If so, sorry)

Since I am working on a baby gift for a new-coming member of the widely extended family (Older Son's brother-in-law and his wife), I went out and got some boy-appropriate colors of Sugar 'n' Cream and cast on.

The Mason-Dixon Baby Bib o' LoveTM jumped right onto my needles!

Solid blue (I think the color is "light blue") and a big honkin' green button. Size 5 needles.

Followed the pattern to the letter.

Then, I got to thinkin'

(Uh, oh, they all sigh.)

So I tried a little Variation On a Theme.

Blue/tan/white variegated. Big honkin' blue button.

Followed the pattern until I got to the strappy parts.

Then, I knit across 13, cast off the center stitches until there were 13 stitches left on my left needle. I knit to the end *(WS)turned and knit back on the strap stitches, turned, (RS) knit 1, knit 2 together, knit to the end**. Repeat from * to ** twice more, knit even on 10 stitches to 4" in length from the cast off row.

I repeated on the other side, except that the decreases were done one stitch from the neck edge on the wrong side.

I was so pleased with the result that I tried Yet Another Variation On a Theme.

Another variegated, this time shades of blue. Big honkin' yellow button.

This time, I cast on 20 fewer stitches than the pattern calls for. On each RS row, I increased 1 stitch on each edge until I was at the cast on number called for in the pattern then followed the pattern as written.

I used an e-wrap increase which makes a very distinct right- and wrong-side.

I am still refining these variations. Stay tuned!

And 'tis the season to be spreading holiday cheer to the troops!

The pattern for these cute little Christmas stockings is available at Jean Greenhowe's site. It's free and there are lots of variations.

Each stocking uses about 5 or so grams of yarn (DK weight) and something for trim (optional).

I'll keep making these until I run out of the appropriate colors or until the November mailing period for Ship Support.

And because it's getting cold Over There, and because the med-evac units need warm supplies for the patients year-round, and because cheerful is better when you are hurt or sick

Oh what the hey! I like working with these colors!

Red Heart Strata (100% nasty acrylic that softens up in the wash), color Pinball. 90 stitches on size 7 needles.

Got it at Smiley's.

And now, the Other Half and I are off to a used book sale. If there's anything worth reporting, I'll post an update.

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I've been wanting to make a smaller type garter stitch big for some time.
Thanks for experimenting! I've got the first Mason Dixon book and have made this bib for charity. Think I'll try your version #3.
Nice u-neck bib shaping, Ann.

What's the colorful Strata yarn going to become? I'm guessing maybe slippers?

i personally love the strata myself. my favorite colorway is "passion." unfortunately the evil Wal-empire is discontinuing it. Will have to look for it elsewhere. and yes, it does soften up quite nicely (used it to make 2 girly baby sets last winter)
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