Thursday, September 25, 2008

In Case You Thought That I Was Idle

One center-out baby blanket. Finished. Finito. F period O period! It's 40" across and very soft.

And washable! Don't forget the important part!

I really have been busy working my knitting fingers to the bone (wadda you get? bony fingers! ::humming::) on this baby blankie from something called Sidar Ultra Denim (see earlier post for fiber content and other specs--I threw away the ball band).

But not before snapping a picture of the leftover ball (I had 5).

What do you mean, there's nothing there?



Well, here's a shot of all I had left.

Yep. Snippets.

I had to frog part of the bind off to have enough to finish. That last strand was about 8" long.

Ends are woven. It's put on the pile.

For the Cheyenne River Blanket Blitz.

Coming now! And on through the end of the year.

I am concentrating on baby-size and baby (sort of) colors. This one is "boy" in shades of blue, beige, and yellow.

There's another in pinky shades that I hope to finish this weekend (and then get back to the entrelac -- I just really needed a break!)

And these, in case you couldn't guess, are for Ship Support.

They are 100% (shoot me now) acrylic. Red Heart Strata in Mosaic. The picture at Smiley's looked like shades of brown and black and gray.
In real life (like in my "studio") it's actually gold, sage green, navy, purple, burgundy and that gray and white flecky stuff.

Note: the Pinball colorway is lots brighter IRL than it shows on my monitor, too.

These were fun to knit (basic sock pattern starting with 36 stitches on size 6 dpns --it's definitely worsted weight). I used two different balls so that I could make them as close to identical as possible.

Need a pattern? Check the sidebar for the spot to look in the archives.

There's easily enough on the two balls to make another pair. So I will. Later.

I want to try out the Pinball first.

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Hey, Ann, how "long" is the foot on those socks? Looks like an interesting colorway, although I'm
not sure I can MAKE myself doing
acrylic for socks.

Gorgeous blankets, by the way; I keep thinking I'd like to try that one of these days, but since my attention span is so short, I'd have to do double strand WW yarn and size 13 needles to have ANY prayer of getting them done! :-)
Oops, that should have been "do acrylic"; sorry.
I'm soo thrilled you were able to use that Sirdar yarn. Much better in your FO pile than my unloved stash pile.
Nice work, and I;m glad to see you participating in Finished Object Friday. :)
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