Saturday, September 13, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

MIA for a couple of days or so. Overwhelmed and crazy-busy. Sorry. Nothing I can write about. Sorrier.

I did manage to get in some knitting, though not nearly as much as I would like.

The two car blankies have been joined by 2 more Works In Progress.

The lavender blob is a center out baby blankie in Sidar Denim Ultra ("Mega chunky" acrylic/cotton/wool blend. It's machine washable and was a gift from Nanna--thanks, Nanna). I'm knitting it on 15s and it's going very fast. 500 grams will work up to about 40" square. Perfect!

The stripey thing center front is a "bed sock" (slipper) for Ship Support. It's Red Heart Strata (Yes, I know I said there would be no more ack in my stash. I lied. Bite me!).

I was intrigued by the self-striping colorwys. Bought this (Mosaic) and a brighter one (Pinball) at Smiley's. So far, I am not impressed. The stripes are not "engineered" in the way that self-striping sock yarns are, and it is very scratchy. I hear that it softens when washed. It had better. Stay tuned.

Also on the needles (just barely) is a Chrismas sweater. This is all I plan to post about this one until it is finished and on the recipient.

Newish pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple.

Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Mahogany Mix from Webs.

By contrast, this yarn is a real pleasure to knit up. It's soft and lovely. I could knit on it all evening. And the KP&S pattern? Top down, seamless. What can I say?

(Other than, I hope it fits and that the recipient likes it, of course.)

And last but not least, a baby blankie in Elann's Superwash Worsted. Again, soft, yummy, a pleasure to knit.

The colors aren't ones I would choose for a baby (or maybe I would. . .) but I have it on good authority that they will match the baby's Pack and Play (porta-crib to the uninitiated).

And get this! It's entrelac. Okay, why was I avoiding this technique? It was on my "do it this year" list of resolutions for two years at least.

Piece of cake!

Pattern: House of White Birches Knitting for Babies and Kids.

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Great projects! I, too, keep meaning to finish off my flock of ack and be done with it, but then I keep needing to make more washable sweaters... I especially love the color of the yarn for the sweater (LOVE KP&S patterns) and the entrelac. I have it on my list of things to try, too.
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