Sunday, August 31, 2008

What We Ate

I know that part of the fun of going to a fair is the food, and the Great Allentown Fair is no exception!

This year, though, we were greeted by a number of new (to us) food vendors. I think they came along with the midway rides. It was nice to see hand sanitizing stations along the midway! Intellectually, we know we haven't touched anything, but there's something about fairs/carnivals that makes a person feel a little grotty dirty downright filthy.

Here's one of the food trailers that were new.

Of course, we went in search of the tried and true (and local) favorites.

It's not as though they weren't also there!

This year, remembering years past and how cranky we tend to be without food to sustain us, and knowing how anxious we I would be to see the handcraft exhibits (and to discover just how well I had done, truth be known) that I actually cooked breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs, rye toast, gallons of decaf coffee) before we drove to the fairgrounds.

And sustain us (that and the regular coffee the the Other Half consumed on the way there) it did!

We ate very little at the fair this year. Drank a lot, but that was because, despite the overcast skies, it was hot.

So here's the tally, for anyone keeping score:

root beer from a tried and true (OH)

pineapple smoothie from a midway company vendor (me)--not great, not awful. I didn't get a second when I had the chance. Was glad I got a "small."

2 fresh squeezed lemonade from the midway company vendor--good, refreshing

medium cup of french fries and small diet soda from tried and true (shared)--it was Smitty's, what can I say?

2 single dips of ice cream from local vendor (moose tracks for the other half, vanilla for me)--what can I say? I would have like to try the peach sundae at another stand, but not for $6!

That was it! No funnel cake, no deep-fried anything (except the potatoes), no Vince's steak sandwich, no cotton candy.

The fudge vendor wasn't there again this year, though there was a new one--the stuff was cheap ($3.50 a chunk) which is sort of scary, and looked all melty besides. No thanks.

On the way home, we stopped at Wawa for a frozen lemonade (still trying to rehydrate) and at the Corn Shed for peaches and cucumber (for last night's dinner) and a cantalope (for breakfast) and a sweet little patty pan squash.

As much as I enjoyed the fair this year, I'll be happy to wave good-bye and welcome the farmers market back next Saturday. We are running out of stuff to cook.

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