Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What I Did On the Weekend

Another fair entry finished!

This one is 2-piece sweater/cap-sweater/booties, knit.

It's the ubiquitous 5-Hour Baby Sweater that I have modified in a number of ways.

First off, I use the original pattern (though, who knows for sure?), not one of the many Internet versions. This one was originally published in McCall's Needlecraft, Spring 1979, and is currently available from Cottage Creations (Carol Anderson) in the booklet More Projects for the Community and Family (check with your LYS, or order direct). I can truthfully say that I have made dozens of these for Community, Family, and Friends!

Carol's pattern has a hood. I left it off. Carol's pattern is a cardigan. I made a pullover (the better to keep tiny tummies warm). The conversion is easy. I started the neck of the sweater at the ribbing. When I reached the end of the yoke patterning, I overlapped the 3 front stitches from each side and knit them together. The rest of the sweater is knit in the round, following the pattern for length. Then I ribbed the bottom (though the bobbly patterny thing on the yoke would look pretty there, too, with a picot hem).

But wait, 2-piece!

For the booties, I used my Basic Baby Sock (Worsted Weight) that starts with 22 stitches, ribbing (1X1) for 4 rounds, then switching to the pattern.

Since this is knit in the round, the pattern goes like: R1: k 2 tog around; R2: make that funny increase every other stitch around; R3 and 4: k.

The sweater is knit on size 10.5 (US) needles, the socks on size 6 (I think, or maybe 7).

The yarn is LB Vanna's Choice, color 101 Pink (first picture is closest to actual, at least on my screen). It's 100% acrylic, but a quite nice one. I used about 140 g for the sweater and sockies. Carol says that the hooded version, in 1979, was knitted using one 4 ounce skein.

Buttons are from The Button Drawer. Truthfully, they were part of a 1-pound bag of "novelty" buttons" that I have had stashed for a while. I've had wonderful success finding "sets" it these bags and use them for Family, Friends, and Community.

The Tiny Prince has gone back home ::sniff:: and all I have are pictures. He's this //close to walking with help and into everything!

We will have to babyproof the house before the next visit, for sure!

And here's something I learned: If I want still photos, I need to wait for him to be asleep!

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