Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Two To Go (and Shin Splints)

I'm down to the Biathlon!

Two projects to go and I am finished for 2008! (Except for any last minute blocking that might be needed, the tagging, and the delivering.)

And what is missing from the photo (eyes left)? The doily, the one I thought I would pass on!

Found a quick pattern in Cottage Creations' new booklet: Comfort Gifts for Family and Community. It worked up in an evening in Sugar and Cream cotton worsted weight and inspired me to (possibly) make a set of (smaller) mug mats or three as Christmas gifts after the fair knitting is complete!

If you compare yesterday's picture with today's you should see some significant progress.

The tote (the green case of boiled ass) is progressing slowly. The pattern requires all my attention and the combination of yarn (Reynolds Saucy Sport) and needles (Clover, I think, 16" bamboo circulars, size 11) is causing me great pain. So I compromise: 2 rounds of tote, followed by 12 rows (mindless cruise-control knitting) on the pillow.

I have set myself a deadline (yes, again, shut up) of finishing the main knitting of one or both by lunchtime. (I may not be eating today!)

You. Can. Do. It. (Yes, they are still cheering me on!)


Go go go!
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