Monday, August 18, 2008

These Make Me Smile

The fun part of the competition.

Carlos, the Growly Dog.

Pattern: Berroco #274 with several other adorable sweaters, dresses, overalls and (I kid you not) a beet.

Yarn: Fibranatura Baby Merino in Billy (blue), Jason (red) and Casandra (cream). 100% superwash merino wool, DK weight.

This will be the Tiny Prince's birthday sweater.

I still need to do something about the legs!

And h-e-r-e's Ellie!

Small and fiddly, but oh, so cute! Pattern at Christine Landry's site: here .

Yarn: Plymouth Encore in a sort of cornflower blue.

Ya gotta make this! It will get you over any fear you have of double pointed needles.

This one's for the Tiny Prince's soon-to-be cousin. His first first cousin, in fact. I'm sure there will be more, but the first is always special (and spoiled, too, if Mammo and Daddo have any say in the matter ::coff:: wait, wait, this one isn't my grand!)

The shawl is finished. No, I didn't make my self-imposed deadline! I decided to make it just a little bigger (like another set of stripes--relax, they're texture, not color!). It needs a bath and a s-t-r-e-t-c-h, so those pictures will come later in the game.

The pillow is 1/4 finished. The tote and the doily are still not cast on.

93 hours to go (but I'm goingto bed)!

What are the odds??

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I love the sweater! And the legs are perfect. Don't change a thing.

I'm rooting for you. Go, go, go!
That sweater is awesome! I'd make one in big-people sized for me, I would!
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