Sunday, August 10, 2008

One More Down

Today, I seamed and stuffed Xmas tree ornament-santa.

Pattern is from Schachenmary Nomotta Inspirations #41 that I bought from (Please don't make me linky it--y'all know where it is!)

The yarn is odd bits of stuff, some black wool sock yarn (Lane Cervinia Calzetteria from Smiley's--don't bother, they're all out of the black--substitute any solid black sock yarn), some red cotton ( Sonata color 3611 which, remarkably, is available), and some white hair of the mo from the stash (no labels, but quite possibly Ironstone Yarns English Mohair, since there are a couple of full hanks in that bin and they look awfully similar).

And the question is: Will Sheepie make it?

There are 8 more items to complete and 11 days to finish them. One is significant (or substantial): a shawl or (fsm forbid) pancho [sic] knit. I'm pretty sure that it won't be finished in time (6 PM Friday, 8/22). I might not even start it!

The others are smaller:

*child's sweater vest skirt knit(more than half finished)
*Mr. or Mrs Snowman other (started, car knitting)
*Mr. or Mrs. Claus other (finished except for stuffing and the final seam)
*Toy-knitted (planned, not started)
*Cushions/pillows-knitted (planned, not started)
*Doilies-knitted (yegh, sure)
*Totebag-other (WTF?)


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